1. User defined Chart of Accounts
  2. User defined Subsidiary(nominal accounts) for each ledger account.
  3. MS-Outlook like Multiple address , attention and contacts / Nominal Account.
  4. MS-Outlook like Phone Book.
  5. User defined double base system with multiple currencies.
  6. Currencies daily rates history.
  7. Rates control minimum limits.
  8. Accounting chart import from other companies.
  9. User defined recurring journal vouchers.
  10. User capability to Restore deleted JVs.
  11. Insertion / Deletion of Vouchers ( With Audit Control).
  12. Posting / Un posting Vouchers on Daily basis.
  13. Closing/Opening vouchers on Daily basis.
  14. Automatic closing and opening journal vouchers generation.
  15. Automatic difference of exchange vouchers generation .
  16. General journal voucher entry.
  17. Debit and credit notes vouchers entry.
  18. Debit and credit advice generated for payment or receipt.
  19. Backup and restore company option ( One / Many Fiscal years).
  20. Automatic power failure problems recovery.
  21. Automatically merges the transactions of any account or accounts to any other account .
  22. Bank Reconciliation.
  23. Interest Rates :( Debit and Credit ) with Multi- Levels rates.
  24. Monthly budget allocation for all expenditure accounts.
  25. Monthly budget allocation by cost center/Donor.
  26. Forecasting.

Regular & Finncial Reports:

  1. Daily journal.
  2. Chart of account. + Address list.
  3. Official Chart of Accounts.
  4. Journal vouchers printing.
  5. User Defined Statement of account (Multi Fiscal Years.)
  6. Ledger of account.
  7. Quick (screen review) Statement of Account.
  8. Official Trial Balance.
  9. Audit Trial Balance.
  10. Receivables Statement
  11. Monthly Balances Report.
  12. Cumulative Balances report.
  13. Actual &Monthly Balances Report.
  14. Trial Balance + Reported Balances.
  15. Foreign Currency Trial Balance.
  16. Trial Balance- Budget Analysis report.
  17. Trial Balance (Actual) vs Budget reports.
  18. Statement of Account / Value Date.
  19. Exchange Rate Report.
  20. VAT Tax declaration Reports.
  21. Cash Summary Report.
  22. Aging of Accounts (Projected cash flow / Past Due ) report .
  23. User Defined Balance Sheet.
  24. User Defined Income statement.

Features related to Fixed Assets:

  1. Supports user-definable asset coing scheme by function, services, structure, cost center, or operational group.
  2. Supports retroactively transfer of assets including charge of associated depreciation to appropriate departments or accounts.
  3. Provides ability to backdate assets additions for the purpose of catching up on depreciation.
  4. Prints asset recap showing cost, salvage value, accumulated depreciation, current depreciation and book value.
  5. Interfaces depreciation journal entries to the general ledger system.
  6. Fixed assets register and automatic depreciation entry.
  7. Automatic distribution of the depreciation of fixed assets over cost centers.
  8. Legal and additional depreciation % treatment.
  9. Fixed assets register report.
  10. Tangible fixed assets report.
  11. Intangible fixed assets report.
  12. Financial assets report.

Features related to the Cost Accounting:

  1. Full cost accounting module with separate cost centers charts based on amount and quantity entries
  2. User dedicated allocation of cost center per cost elements.
  3. Automatic distribution of the depreciation of fixed assets over centers to any other cost centers.
  4. Cost element budget allocation for cost accounting.

Cost Accounting Reports:

  1. Cost Centers chart report.
  2. Cost element per cost center report.
  3. Statement of cost centers.
  4. Cost center per cost element.
  5. Cost centers trial balance
  6. Cost centers Monthly Balances.