1. Supports an unlimited number of earnings codes including (but not limited to) salary, hourly rate, vacation, sick, holiday, shift differential, overtime, call back, disability, etc.
  2. Monitors annual maximum deduction amounts and stop the deduction once the predefined maximum is reached.
  3. Automatically adjusts garnishment and child support deduction amounts if the disposable income requirements will not be met after the deduction is taken.
  4. Process partial period payments to employees who do not work the entire pay period (e.g. new hires, terminations, on leave without pay, catastrophic leave).
  5. Provides ability to restart check printing in the event check stock is damaged or printer malfunctions, with audit controls for damaged check stock.
  6. Provides ability to synchronize employee master files in payroll system with time and attendance system.
  7. It Supports user defined profile for each employee, Including previous positions, education, performance history, assigned property, skills, certification, emergency contacts, official Arabic info for TAX declaration reports.
  8. User defined profiles for Crafts, Crews , Countries , Syndicates.
  9. User defined Salary scales , Positions , Job description communication lines , balanced scorecards for employee's evaluation purposes.
  10. Detailed filing system of Educational degrees, Administrative levels, Departments.
  11. Supports all payroll transactions related to Teachers(Full Timers, Contractual...), Employees (Monthly and Daily)
  12. User defined Holiday Calendar...
  13. Mutual Funds filing system.

    HR Transactions

  1. Salaries (Monthly, Fulltime and Contractual)
  2. Employee Evaluation Sheets.
  3. Absence, Vacation, Sick leave , and many other user defined types of transactions.
  4. Automated generation of Journal vouchers.
  5. Retroactive transactions.
  6. Loans.
  7. Mutual Funds Transactions.

    HR Reports

  1. Dynamic reports that provide unlimited reporting potentials and flexibility.
  2. All HR transactions reports.
  3. Legal status of foreign employees.
  4. Transaction balances.
  5. Wages.
  6. Monthly Payments & salary slips.
  7. Salary scales.
  8. Evaluation sheets.
  9. Loans Summary.
  10. Company/Employee contributions.
  11. Mutual funds .
  12. All Official Income Tax reports . (R5, R6 , R10...)